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Valerie Rasmussen Court Reporting is a Law Firm headed by Valerie Rasmussen and we offer extensive services to our clients. We have court reporters in Northern and Southern California, Nevada, Texas, Washington among other locations.

Valerie Rasmussen is a native Californian.  She was born in 1968 and grew up in Redondo Beach.  She studied at West High School. After graduating, she wanted to pursue real estate business but realized that the real estate career path was not meant for her. She joined South Coast College of Court Reporting in 1988 and graduated 2 years later. She is now a court reporter by profession and has a wide range of experience in law and Court reporting procedures. She has worked with different court reporting agencies. She has great passion for court Reporting matters. She is a certified reporter (CSR# 8900). She holds the national designation RPR, which she achieved in 1996. She also became a Certified court reporter (#756) in March 2002. She is proudly a California Certified Real Time Reporter, a designation that is only held by the elites. In 1993, she decided to open her own firm-Valerie Rasmussen Court Reporting-to provide the best services directly to her clients. The firm has grown extensively and  has earned a good reputation over the 2 decades.  The firm’s services are very unique and outstanding and are always available any time, any day and at very reasonable prices. In fact, she personally invoices each job to ensure that her clients receive the best services at the lowest minimum cost possible.
Valerie Rasmussen Court Reporting offers our clients a very comprehensive range of court reporting products and services to meet all litigation needs. These are some of those services:

1. 24-hour online scheduling

2. LiveNote and Real-time

3. Only certified, High quality Court Reporters

4. Interpreters (most languages)

5. Free Word Index!
6. Free Electronic Transcripts!
7. Free condensed Transcripts!
8. Videography services
9. Conference Rooms Nationwide
10. Rough Draft
11. E-Transcripts upon Request
12. Exhibits to Transcript hyper-linked and synced

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