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What value does a skilled court reporter bring to my services?

A court reporter can be the difference between the outcome of court proceedings. This is why it is imperative to find an extremely detail-oriented, speedy, and well-trained court reporter such as Valeria Rasmussen. Our firm only employs the best of the best. We understand timing and accuracy are of the utmost importance to you. This is why we take the time to weed out any of the sub-par court reporters that could potentially create confusion or costly mistakes for one of your important cases.


In the eyes of the law, without an official transcript a trial never actually happened. An individual’s entire life could essentially be on the line and in the hands of the court reporter working on the trial. The importance of their accuracy is paramount to the outcome of a case. It cannot be stressed enough how a quality court reporter can influence outcomes for you and your client(s).


Another additional benefit we bring are electronic transcripts. This way you can have complete access to every exchange that went on during the day’s trial. Having this information at your fingertips at any time can be incredibly beneficial for producing the desired results in the following days of your trial. Being able to review what was said each day will safeguard you and your client(s) from the potential of misunderstandings, which could make or break your case.


What about language barriers that may exist in my case?

All of our court reporters are of the highest caliber and are capable of meeting the challenges of any case. We offer language interpreters for virtually any language. Our reporters are fluent in the necessary language and well-versed in the subtle nuances of the language. As anyone who has ever learned another language knows, these subtleties can make a world of difference. So there is no need to worry about any critical details being lost in translation.



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